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What is the difference between a 760 Powermaster and 760 Pumpmaster?

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These rifles are very similar. Their are several variations of both rifles. Basically it came down to the shots that could be stored ( BB's) the original 760 only shot BB's and held 180 BB's. later versions could also shoot .177 pellets. The Pump Master had an 18 shot BB mag and a 5 shot .177 pellet mag
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Crosman 760 pumpmaster schematics?

See link Below! There are about 11 different versions of the 760, See the link at the bottom of this page to select the one you need. (It's all the Crosman air rifle models.

How do you shoot a Crosman 760 Pumpmaster?

I assume you are asking about the 760 pumpmaster XLS. Their are 9 different variations of the 760. The Crosman 760 is a BB repeater or single shot 177-pellet rifle. But your