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What is the difference between a girl mosquito and a boy mosquito?

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female mosquitos suck blood and male mosquitos do not.
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What is the What is the difference between a midge and a mosquitoe?

  Midges are members of an insect family called Chironomidae. They have similar wing and body structures as mosquitoes but they are missing the elongated proboscis. The pr

What is the difference between a gnat and a mosquito?

  As far as I can tell (after looking around on the net), a Gnat is a name given to biting insects, which includes Midges and Mosquito's. So a Gnat is just a name given to

Do boy or girl Mosquitos bite?

Only female or girl mosquitoes bite. Male or boy mosquitoes only  tend to feed on nectar from plants. They do not bite humans or  animals.

What is the different between the cockroach and mosquito?

The Difference between a cockroach and mosquito is ALOT: 1. Mosquitos can fly where as cockroaches cant 2. Cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast where as mosquitos cant