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What is the difference between a phosphorescent source and a fluorescent source?

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phosphorescent is glowing in the dark;reusing old light it has stored, like a glow in the dark keychain fluorescent is something that glows when energy is applied to it, such as the fluorescent lightbulb Answer As the name implies, phosphorescent comes from the element phosphorus. Many other substances which are not phosphorus can fluoresce at certain wavelengths of light. I agree phosphorous like sea waves sometomes.
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What is the main difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence?

The main difference between the two is the lasting power of the  glowing. Phosphorescent materials glow for a longer period of time,  and what's usually considered 'glow in

What is the difference between phosphorescent and fluorescent substances?

  Classically, phosphorescent substances absorb energy and then re-emit it for an extended time afterwards. Fluorescent substances "down-convert" higher frequencies to low

What is the difference between Fluorescence and phosphorescence?

Fluorescence is light energy produced by a process where  high-energy radiation (such as ultraviolet or X-ray) is absorbed by  electrons surrounding an atom and is re-emitte

What is the difference between source and sink?

The basic idea of a source is as follows: A source produces something (a spring is a source). A sink consumes something (a hole in the ground that water pours into is a si

What is the difference between source and evidence?

Sources may be someone's personal viewpoint of what happened, and may be made up by the person. Evidence expresses facts about the past - meaning what really happened; the tr

Difference between fluorescent and phosphorescent material?

Fluorescent material immediately glows when exposed to ultraviolet  radiation, that is it fluoresces. Phosphorescent material slowly  absorbs and re-emits the radiation it a

Why Different in fat between source?

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What is difference between source and resource?

Source is a place where one can obtain any valuable thing, for example 1. Well/Waterfall is a source where one can obtain water. 2. The Sun is the source for light to live

What is the difference between source and re-source?

A source is one item usually a book or evidence or a person like a witness. A resource is something or a pile of something that you use and come back to repeatedly like stone