What is the difference between a sultana and a raisin?

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Sultanas are made from green grapes. Raisins are made from dark grapes.
According to OChef.com (see related links, below), the generic term for a dried grape is '''raisin'''. A '''Sultana''' is a particular type of raisin. Compared to a regular raisin a sultana is lighter in colour, sweeter and more moist, and less acidic. Originally, Sultanas were produced in Turkey, from the Sultana variety of grape. Nowadays, they are produced from the same variety of grapes as other raisins but by a different process. They are treated with sulphur dioxide and heated artificially. Other raisins are allowed to dry and darken in the sunlight.
A heated debate exist between lovers of Sultana's and Raisins. Personally, I believe that raisins are considerably tastier and sultanas are icky. But Anna who is sitting here thinks that sultanas are better.
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What are raisins?

Answer . Raisins are the dried fruit dirivative of certain types of grape, as opposed to currants which come from types of grapes different from those used to make raisins;

Are sultanas healthier than raisins?

sultanas are dried white grapes and raisins are dried purple grapes so their won't be much difference. eat both at once if you like! :)

Whats the difference between sultanas currants and raisins?

Dark raisins: These are the most common variety found in most markets, usually made from Thompson seedless grapes. Although they start as green grapes, the fruit naturally dar

What is a sultana?

A sultana is a pale yellow raisin made from a seedless grape, or afemale sultan or wife of a male sultan.
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What is raisin called in different languages?

In Dutch it is pronounced: Rossuin In Spanish: pasa, (dried grape) uva seca In Italian: uva secca In French: raisin sec In German: Rosine In Russian: 'yizyOOm' (but i
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Where do Sultana raisins originate?

The Sultana raisin originates in an area of the old Ottoman Empire, on the Asian continent and are heavily imported into English and American markets.