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What is the difference between an operational audit and a performance audit for an internal audit department?

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operational audit means auditing how the operations of a work are going right or not but performance audit means auditing how the performance of a particular work is going right or not
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Difference between operational audits and compliance audits?

Operational Audits An operational audit is a review of any part of an entity's operating procedures and methods for the purpose of evaluating efficiency and effectiveness.

What is the difference between pre audit and post audit?

pre-audit is auditor doing audit when the activity/program/project/entity still in progress to ensure all the procedure to be compliance. post audit is auditor doing audit whe

How Internal audit is different from Risk based internal audit?

A risk base internal audit is latest approach to ensure best practices aiming at maximizing the impact of audit by focusing on the major strategy ,regulatory, financial and op

What is the difference between concurrent audit and internal audit?

Concurrent audit is that which keep continuous during whole  operating year while internal audit is conducted by inernal audit  departments for different purpose and with di

What are the differences and similarities in audits of financial statement compliance audits operational audits?

OPERATIONAL AUDIT. An operational audit is a systematic review and evaluation of an organizational unit to determine whether it is functioning effectively and efficiently, whe

What is the difference between external and internal audits?

An internal audit is conducted by the organization itself or a firm hired by them; it is a self examination. An external audit is done by an outside agency that reports to the

What is Internal audit an external audit?

Internal audit is conducted by people from within the company. This is also known as first party audit. External audit is conducted by an independent party. Second or third

What are two differences between an internal audit and an external audit?

1) An internal audit is an appraisal of activities within company areas, whereas an external audit looks at the financial statements as a whole 2) An internal report is norma

What is differences between internal and external statutory audit?

An Internal audit is performed by employees of your own company, usually by employees who are subject matter experts. Internal audit results are usually taken under considerat

What is the difference between an internal and an external audit report?

Internal audit report is generated by internal audit department of  business which mainly focuses on all operations and effectiveness  and effeciancy of operations while ext

What is the difference between internal audit and interim audit?

Internal audit is the name of department who performs the auditwhile interim audit is the audit which other than statutary auditand it is perform during the fiscal year and it