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What is the difference between android and symbian operating system used in mobile?

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on android we install any soft like window OS
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What is symbian operating system?

  Symbian OS is an operating system designed for mobile devices, with associated libraries, user interface, frameworks and reference implementations of common tools, devel

What is the difference between Symbian OS and Android OS?

Symbian OS was a popular mobile operating system in the early daysof smartphones, used by many manufacturers at the time but mostlyby Nokia. It ran on ARM platforms, and it ha

What are operating system used in mobiles?

There's a lot of variety of Operating System (OS) used in mobiles. On early years, popular mobile brands used Java or Symbian or even Both in one mobile phones. The brands are

What is the difference between a proprietary operating system and the android operating system?

Proprietary operating systems are commercial operating systemsdesigned to run on specific computer hardware for which they arelicensed. Other operating systems such as Linux a

Difference between operating system and network operating system?

an operating system is a individual computer and a networkoperating system is a group of computers. Many operating systems now can run on standalone computers and alsoon netwo

What is difference between android and symbian mobile phones?

Android is a modern, Google - based operating system used in phones and Tablets which is open source. Android is the most versatile and popular of the new, modern mobile pho

What is the difference between android and mobile phone?

An android phone is just a mobile phone, it just has a better operating system that allows you to get apps, create a mobile hotspot, etc. Mobile starts with an "m" and andro

What is difference between distributed operating system and operating system?

Answer . \nDistributed computing is decentralised and parallel computing, using two or more computers communicating over a network to accomplish a common objective or task