What is the difference between cold and warm booting?

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COLD BOOT (a.k.a. COLD START) - Booting up from power off condition. WARM BOOT (a.k.a. WARM START)- Restarting the computer WITHOUT turning the power off. Shutdown option in the START menu of windows 9x/2K/XP has a "Restart" option: this is a "warm boot". You perform a cold boot every time you turn on the power switch of your computer. To "boot" the computer means to start it up and reset the memory and BIOS. Pressing the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys simultaneously while the computer is running performs a warm boot. You may need to do this if the computer stops responding because of memory problems or the "Blue Screen of Death" appears. The computer needs to be reset before you can continue. If the warm boot fails to restart the computer, you will need to resort to a cold boot by shutting off the power switch, waiting ten seconds and then turning it back on. cold booting means ptess ctrl alt del key to restart the system& warm booting means pressing the restart button in the cabinet to restart Answer Cold Boot: When you start from off state or power off and than on by using the power button. POST is performed. Warm Boot: When you restart the computer using Alt+Ctrl+Del combination or restart command from the startup menu. POST is not performed during this process which decreases the boot up time and the PC boots faster. Answer-- Warm boot is pressing the restart button while the computer is on and a cold boot is pressing the power switch when it is turned off.
hot reset : the power is resuming and the program proccessing countiue at the point at which was interrupt .
cold reset : current data is discharging and program proccessing begins again with start point .
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What are the observable differences in the system startup between a warm boot and a cold boot?

Answer . Warm boot: not all the processes shut down. It does not take as long for a warm boot and many times users do not have to be off the system.. Cold boot: Ever

The different between cold and warm start?

Cold boot, also called a hard boot, is starting your computer from a completely shut down state. You turn the machine on when it has no electricity running. Warm boot, or a

Explain how cold boot different from a warm boot?

A cold-boot occurs when power is interrupted. A warm-boot occurs when power is uninterrupted. The two can appear similar -- both perform a POST -- but when power is uninterrup

How cold boot different a warm boot?

A cold boot always begins with the power off whereas a warm boot does not interrupt the power supply. Although there may not appear to be any difference on the surface (a POST

What are the differences between soft boot warm boot?

soft boot same to warm boot.. IT is Restarting the computer without turning the power off. The opposite of hard boot.. One method of resetting a computer system that is alre

What is cold booting and warm booting in detail?

A warm boot, accomplished by pressing the CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination, restarts the computer through the INT19h ROM BIOS routine. This warm-boot procedure usually does not go

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Warm currents are warm whereas cold currents are cold. Warm currents flow from the equatorial regions towards the polar regions whereas cold currents flow from the polar re

What is warm and cold booting?

A cold boot occurs when the power supply is interrupted for any reason. A warm boot does not interrupt the power supply, which may result in parts of the hardware being left i
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What warm boot and cold boot have on common?

Nothing really Warm boot is restarting and cold boot is shutting down the computer competely and then starting it up again. But it would be nice to have two warm boots to pu
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The difference between a cold boot and warm boot?

A cold boot is done by completely powering down the computer to off and then starting the computer fresh. A warm boot is restarting the computer without powering the computer
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What is the different between hot boot and cold boot on a CPU?

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