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From a note from Eureka Consumer Relations:

"The 4870 and the 4870 d/dt/f/g/gz/gzx/hz/j/k are different types of the same model. The letters following the model numbers signify an engineering change that was made to the model. This change is usually minor or cosmetic (such as the color) and does not affect the overall performance or operation of the vacuum.

You may have seen the 4870 advertised without a letter type after it, but all models have a type. The only difference between all the types in the model 4870 is color.

4870 d/dt = green
4870 f = black
4870 g/gz = red (gz has yellow graphics)
4870 hz = blue (comes with a turbo nozzle)
4870 j = teal blue (comes with power paw w/risor visor)
4870 k = deep jade w/metallic silver and grey features (comes with an Arm & Hammer bags)

4870 GZ comes with a bonus turbo nozzle (attachment used for cleaning stairs)
4870 GZX comes with a turbo nozzle and 6 extra bags

If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.


Eureka Consumer Relations"
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