What is the difference between garage and porch?

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A garage is a space for vehicle park. A porch is not meant for vehicles. It is extended area meant to place cane chairs for enjoying nature, may be similar to a sitout. A waste of space in modern living.
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What is the maximum height difference between concrete garage slab and the driveway slab?

Your concrete base has been laid and is flat, level and over-sized by 150mm(6in) to the external sizes of the proposed building. . The concrete floor must be of a minimum de

What is a Porch?

A porch is a sheltered area that stands out at the front, rear orside of a building.

Different names for foyers porches?

I know of a few... It really depends on what the porch consist of however Veranda Pergola Portico Loggia Patio Deck Balcony Stoop Google the names to see some beautiful pic
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What is the difference between Punk Rock and Garage Rock?

There are many similarities in Punk Rock and Garage Rock, butthe difference is that Garage Rock is basically rock and roll witha punk sound, and punk is surf rock with a punk

What is the difference between a built in garage and attached garage?

An attached garage is attached to a structure (such as home) by a common wall or shared wall with another attached structure such as a covered porch, deck or breezeway. A buil