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It's actually "investment grade" funds versus "Class D" funds. But anyway... Both are kinda like mutual funds--a lot of securities grouped together and sold in shares. Unlike mutual funds, which are comprised of stocks, bond funds are comprised of bonds. The difference is the quality of the bonds in the fund. Investment-grade funds hold nice, safe, well-regarded, boring securities that just sit there, pay interest and don't worry the fund manager too much. Class D fund deal in Class D debentures--D stands for Default. These things are super speculative, super risky and pay large returns if they succeed. You can play in these and make a lot of money quick; you can also play in these and lose your shirt quick. If you're going to invest in Class D funds, you need another shirt--some stable mutual funds, Treasuries, investment-grade bond funds, SOMETHING that you won't lose everything you have in. Also be ready to get out of the Class D fund at a moment's notice.
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