What is difference between management and administration?

I have been both in my life time in the Fire Service in London as a Principal Officer and a manager and a junior fire officer....once retired I and my wife - an administrator

What is the difference between business administration and management?

"There's no difference. The word "administration" and "management" are somewhat different when defined in a dictionary. But in the real world of business, they are the same un

What is the differences between an administrator and manager?

Administrator: is in charge of everything, and controls just about everything, they can fire people, hire people, and do pretty much whatever they want. They overlook everythi

What are the difference between Administration and Management?

the difference management and administration are that 1.management is a broad scope and administration is a narrow scope 2.management formulate polices where as administra
Difference between administration and management and organisation?

Difference between administration and management and organisation?

Nature of workAdministration: It is concerned about the determination of objectives and major policies of an organization. Management: It puts into action the policies and pla