What is the difference between negative stress and positive stress?

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Positive stress is called Eustress and it is a normal part of our everyday life. This type of stress positively affects us and keeps us going. It has a motivational effect and increases our activity and productivity. Eustress is essential for our success and has to be praised.

The other negative type of stress - Distress is the type we usually refer to when we are talking about stress in general. This type of stress has a negative effects on our health as it affects our mind and our body. Distress demotivates us and increases the tension in our body, it prevents us to think clearly and calmly and can have a serious effects on our health. Low levels of this negative stress are constantly present in our lives and we already have a ways to reduce it without even knowing.

Some of these easy stress relief techniques are:
- exercise
- stretching
- controlled breathing
- humor (funny movies, jokes, pranks, ...)
- stress relief games
- stress relief balls
- socializing (being with other people can help greatly when we are trying to reduce the stress)
- meditation
- yoga
- proper nutrition

Probably you will find some activity on this list that you do on a regular basis. So without even knowing you are reducing the negative stress and releasing the tension out of your body.
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