What is the difference between orthogonal and perspective projection?

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Specially in OpenGL Orthogonal term is used while considering 2D view whereas Perspective is used in 3D.
In Orthogonal view an image or object would act as in 2D environment. And in Perspective view an image or object would act in 3D environment.
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What is difference between parallel and perspective projection?

perspective projection is defined by straight rays of projection drawn from object to the centre of projection and image is drawn where these rays untersect with the viewplane

The difference between perspective projection and weak perspective projection?

Weak perspective projection is an approximation of the perspective projection. In fact, it is a scaled orthographic projection: first, the object is projected onto the image p

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"Perspective" means viewpoint. He has a narrow perspective on the role of family. Your analysis put this issue in proper perspective for me. "Prospective" means possib

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Orthogonal and perpendicular are essentially the same thing: When two lines, planes, etc. intersect at a right angle, or 90 degrees, they are orthogonal/perpendicular. Ortho