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What is the difference between system-based email and web-based email?

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System Base: You have to be at your computer to use the email on that computer.
Web: You can log in to any computer in the world and check your email. (less security though)
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What is difference between email and web mail?

"what is different e-mial and web mail?" With regular e-mail, the message sits on a server waiting for you to open your e-mail program (Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird). When you

What is the best web based email?

I heard that Yahoo! was the best one. I personally think it is  Hotmail because you can personalize about everything on your page,  have a picture for your user, and more. Y

How does a web based email work?

The email address connects the sender of the email to the email provider's servers. Email is sent to the email provider's servers and is stored there until you delete it, even

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What is difference between Email and Email client?

e-mail client is client end software which is to be present in the client systems for the mail to be downloaded where the webmail is a web page access which does not read any

What is a web based email and what does it do?

A web based email is a mailbox online where you would receive your mail. It is basically a virtual mailbox that handles and stores you mail, hence the name email.

What is difference between Email and web Email?

EMAIL An email client is a piece of software on pc that you use to  read and send mails from your computer ALSO IN OFFLINE MODE ONLY  SOFTWARES LIKE OUTLOOK IS REQUIRED. WEB

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