What is the difference between vent and anti siphonage pipe?

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The pipe installed for the purpose of ventilation is known as a vent pipe while a pipe which is installed in a house drainage to preserve the water seal of trap is an anti-siphonage pipe.
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What is the difference between pipes and tubes?

Pipe n tube are same in shape etc. BUT only difference is Pipe is used for Transferring Material (Gas, Liquid etc.) AND where it is used for Heat Exchanging purpose , It is ca

What is the difference between plumbing and piping?

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A stack vent is is the extension of a soil or waste stack above the highest horizontal drain connected to the plumbing stack. Vent stack a vertical vent pipe extending throug

Recommended distance between a drain pipe and vent pipe?

Depending on which code your using, I normally vent a trap with in 2 ft of the fixture and I place the trap no further then 2 ft from the fixture EXCEPT for floor drain as I c
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How does a vent prevent siphonage?

The soil vent in the waste line breaks the siphon that would drain traps and toilet bowls by providing a path of least resistance for air pressure. see link
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What is difference between nace pipe and pipe?

CS Normal pipe will be meeting the Specification (ASTM/ASME) standard requirements. NACE Pipes will be having additional restriction in Chemical Composition,Hardness,Carbon Eq
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What is vent piping?

Vent piping is a pipe that runs outside and is connected to the drain line of your home. this helps the water in the drain to move to your septic/sewer.
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