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What is the difference of love and being in love?

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Love means you care for someone deeply and you wouldn't trade them for the world. In love is the same but it means you want to spend your life with that person. You want to marry them and someday have children. Love is used for family and friends. In love is used for boyfriends and girlfriends.
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What is the difference between falling in love and being in love?

Love is strange. But everyone experiences it at least once. Falling in love happens really fast. Being in love is the state of caring for them, thinking of them, and possibly

What is the difference between love and being in love?

Well people can say I love you. But sometimes they don't :/ Only say love if you really mean it. Love is a precious word. Love means you love them you think their beautiful, Y

What is the difference between being in love and love?

Being in love is, with another person who feels the same as you do. Who you want to spend the rest of you life with and start a family. Now love is the strong feeling of how

How does being different affect love?

It doesn't, unless you stand out to much, because people may think you are strange and stay away. If you meen by skin colour, nobody cares. Racism is dumb and its stupid and b

What is the difference with loving someone and being in love?

Love is complicated, there are many forms.. When you "love" someone, it's when you will do anything for them.. EXAMPLE : Bella and Jacob from New Moon, by Stephenie Meyer..

What is the difference when you love someone or being in love?

To love someone (this can include family members and friends) is a love of respect for one or more people, but being in love is when you love someone of the opposite sex with

Difference between loving someone and being in love?

Well, as far as definition goes.. To love someone is to feel a strong desire to have a close physical and/or emotional relationship with a certain individual.. To be IN love

What is the difference between being love and loving someone?

Loving someone means you care deeply about their well being, and genuinely love who they are as a person. Being In-love means that you care for them deeply, and your ONLY conc