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What is the enzyme that unzips DNA?

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There are several enzymes that 'unzip' DNA. These enzymes are collectively known as DNA helicases. DNA helicases are helix-destabilizing enzymes that bind to DNA at the origin of replication and break hydrogen bonds, thereby separating the two strands. This allows RNA polymerase to begin transcription (copying) of the DNA sequence.
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What happens after DNA is unzipped?

This method is called " Semi-conservative " which replicates the DNA so it begins with unzipping, unwinding the DNA by breaking down the hydrogen bonds between the nitrogenou

What occurs when a molecule of Dna is unzipped?

One double stranded Dna molecule is separated into two single stranded Dna molecules. A large multitude of bioprocess possibilities subsequentially present themselves!
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At the beginning of DNA replication what two processes unzip the two strands of a DNA molecule?

Transcription and replication. According to evolution that is. Is this question asking at the begininning of time, or an overall in-body DNA question? Life as we know it canno
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Is DNA an enzyme?

No, DNA is not an enzyme. DNA is a nucleic acid acting as the blueprint of life. It consists of a series of codes which are specific for definite species. These codes are call