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What is the enzyme that unzips DNA?

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There are several enzymes that 'unzip' DNA. These enzymes are collectively known as DNA helicases. DNA helicases are helix-destabilizing enzymes that bind to DNA at the origin of replication and break hydrogen bonds, thereby separating the two strands. This allows RNA polymerase to begin transcription (copying) of the DNA sequence.
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What enzyme is used to unzip DNA?

The helicase enzymes are used to unzip DNA. There are 31 specificDNA helicases. There are 95 unique helicases in the human genome.

What is the enzyme that is responsible for unzipping DNA?

The DNA Helicase. It's DNA unwinding [separation of the two strands] function is a 'precursor' to DNA copying, either by replication or transcription. It is closely associated

What enzyme unzips DNA and RNA?

The enzyme used to unzip human DNA (and RNA) is called helicase. There are a few types of helicase such as DNA helicase, RNA helicase, etc. Each type has its own specific role