What is the first name of barac obama wife?

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Obamas childrens and wifes names?

Alia and Sasha. also his wifes name is Michelle if you care But I do becauseBrack is off the hissle!!! machelle could also be known as the first lady or first ladymachelle

What is Obamas wifes name?

Obama's wife's name is Mitchelle Obama and we should call her the First Lady not by her first name it can sometimes be a little disrespectful

Is Barac Obama a communist?

No, Barack Obama is not currently a member of the Communist Party.. Yes, Barack Obama does subscribe to communist ideologies and philosophies; however, the extent to which he
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Obama wifes name and kids?

Wife: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (b. 1/17/1964) Kids: Malia Ann Obama (b. 1998) Natasha Obama (b. 2001)