What is the food of rajasthan?

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1) common bread - Baajri ki roti , makki ki roti, wheat roti
2) subji's( side dish / curry) - gatte ki subji, ker sangri ki subji, daal etc
3) specialities - Daal , baat and churama.
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Why is rajasthan refer as rangeelo rajasthan?

Colors make people to get easily attracted.Rajasthan, is referred to as rangeelo Rajasthan mainly because ofthe colorful nature of the entire state. The fairs and festivalthat

What is Rajasthan biodiversity?

Biodiversity denotes the amount of natural resources of the floraand fauna. Rajasthan is a state that has the best diversity amongthe other states and rich addition of flora a
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What is the main food eaten in rajasthan?

Most Rajasthani food contain Gram Flour (Besan) . So basically if you use gram flour as a main ingredient, it has a quality of rajasthani food. Hope this helps! ;)
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Why is do you refer to rajasthan as rangeelo rajasthan?

Rajasthan is the only state in Indian that is more colorful mainlybecause of its fairly colorful fairs and festival. Rangeelo heremeans highly colorful. The regions which are