What is the former name for the country Comoros?

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Comoros, part of the Comoro Islands archipelago, were once called "The Perfume islands" for the scents including vanilla. The French colony of the Comoros (Les Comores) included these islands and Mayotte (now a separate French territory).

(See the related Link for history and peoples of the island country Comoros.)
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What countries can you travel with Comoros passport?

Visa Free . Bermuda details. 6 Month(s). Cook Islands details. 31 Day(s). Dominica details. 21 Day(s). Ecuador details. 90 Day(s). El Salvador details. Haiti detail

What is the telephone country code for Comoros?

The Union of the Comoros (Islands) is country code +269 . (Mayotte also used country code +269 until 2007, but now uses+262.) (The plussign means "insert your internati
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Is comoros a country?

It is a sovereign archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean. There are many islands, but the country consists of four major islands