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What is the formula to calculate accrued interest on a loan?

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Current (principle balance) x (interest rate per year) x (amount of time).

~for calculating monthly interest, it would be (principle balance) x (interest rate) / 12.
~for daily interest, it would be (principle balance) x (interest rate) / 365.
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What is the formula to calculate the daily and monthly interest for a CD with interest that accrues daily and compounds monthly?

Because different months have different amount of days, the formula varies. If it's monthly, you take your principal (P), times your interest rate (R), divided by 12 months in

Formula for calculating compound interest?

P*(1+R/100)powerT where P= money borrowed or principal and R= rate in percent and T= time * * * * * Actually, this formula gives the value of the principal PLUS interes

How do you calculate interest on debentures loan?

The Debenture loan is an unsecured debt backed by the credit worthiness of the borrower. The interest is calculated based on the 10-year Treasury rate plus a market-driven spr
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How is accrued interest calculated?

Accrued interest is usually calculated like this: Accrued interest = face value of the bonds x coupon rate x factor. Coupon = Annual interest rate/Number of payments. Factor =