What is the formula to find pressure loss in fire fighting pipe lines?

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The British fire and rescue services use the following formula for calculating the pressure loss due to friction in firefighting hose: Pf = 9000 f l L2 / d5 bar where Pf is the frictional loss of pressure, in bar
f is the friction factor
f = 0.005 for 70 mm or 45 mm hose
f = 0.007 for 90 mm hose
(for 90 mm hose it is higher to allow for losses in the couplings, which are but 64 mm diameter)
l is the length of the hose line, in metres
L is the flow rate, in litres/minute
d is the hose diameter, in millimetres The formula is approximate, and relates to internally lined hose in 25 metre lengths. You will find the formula in the old Manual of Firemanship, Book 7, Hydraulics, pumps and pump operation. David Hayward, former MIFireE

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Line loss equations are complicated by transmission environment and temperature? Transmission env. - Include wire type, bus impedance in switching fields, etc. Temperature - T

Please guide me about fire fighting piping loop and piping loop can have one feed line and one exit line. And Please tell me philosophy of piping loop.?

If you are referring to a "gridded" or "looped" automatic sprinkler systems, here is the reasons. A gridded sprinkler system has a "feed" main which is connected to the water

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pips are generally cylindrical in structure of amount of heat loss through pipe is given by the formula. Q= 2 pi k L(T1-T2)/ln(r2/r1). where. k=conductivity of material of

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I suppose you mean the formula for the variation in pressure. The simplest expression of this is, at a fixed temperature,and for a given mass of gas, pressure x volume = const

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To calculate the pressure loss due to friction for pipe flow (I think this is what you're asking) use the Darcy-Weisbach equation. The friction factor for this equation can b

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you have first to know the thermal conductivity of PPR that you are dealing with. normally, this is in range between 0.1 to 0.24 W/MK .then you apply this formula Q(IN WATTS)

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The only way you can find accurate pressure in a pipe is by mechanical means. If you want to know the pressure in your home just go to a hardware and by a pressure gauge with

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Equation: P = (2*S*T)/((O.D.-2*T)*SF) . Where:. P = Fluid Pressure (psi). T = Pipe Wall Thickness (in). O.D. = Pipe Outside Diameter (in). SF = Safety factor (Gener