What is the full form of DELL?

It has no full form.

Dell is named after its founder Michael Dell,but you can define DELL as an acronym by following the method below.

Digital Electronic Link Library.
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Full form of BE?

Full form of BE in terms of Import and Export is Bill of EntryBachelor of Engineering, (BE ) is an undergraduate academic degree awarded to a student after three to five years (MORE)
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What is the full form of the IT?

well..here are 3 fullforms depending on place.: Information Technology( means it is related to computers): the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and t (MORE)

What is the full form of WHO?

The most used meaning of this acronym is World Health Organization (UN). but here are 146 different meanings for it. (The related link below will display them all.)
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Setting Up Your Dell Wireless Keyboard

Dell wireless keyboards have a reputation for being reliable and energy efficient. By investing in this keyboard, you can increase your mobility and productivity. There are so (MORE)
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5 Places to Buy Linux Computers Online

People who are in the market for a Linux personal computer (PC) should check out online merchants and manufacturers. Numerous companies specialize in selling computer systems (MORE)
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What is the full form of BE?

BE: Bachelor of EngineeringBTech: Bachelor of TechnologyThese can be used inter changeably. Some universities give the degree of BE and some of BTech. Universities in UK give (MORE)

What is the full form of ARE?

1) Arab Republic of Egypt2) United Arab Emirates (ISO Country Code)3) Arabian Republic Estate.4) Agriculture Resources Establishment5) All Right Ensured
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Full form of AT?

Automatic Commonly used in specifying the machines feature,such as in cars,the companies use AT for automatic variant Eg: Hyundai I10 AT
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What is the full form of 'WHAT'?

The word 'what' is the full form of that word.It seems to have meant 'what', as in 'what is that?' for about as far back as we can trace it.The sense of 'what' as in 'what (di (MORE)