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What is the full form of DELL?

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It has no full form.

Dell is named after its founder Michael Dell,but you can define DELL as an acronym by following the method below.

Digital Electronic Link Library.
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Full form of WHO?

World Health Organization.

Full form of SHE?

Safety and Healthy Environment

What is the full form of AM?

Anti-Meridiem meaning before midday PM is Post-Meridiem meaning after midday

What is the full form Who?

World Health Organization

What is full form of WHO?

WHO stands for World Health Organization. Women Health Officer. Web Hosting Optimization.

What is the full form of WHO?

The most used meaning of this acronym is World Health Organization (UN). but here are 146 different meanings for it. (The related link below will display them all.)

What is a full form of it?

Information Technology

Full form of is?

full form of is fficer

What is the full form of ARE?

1) Arab Republic of Egypt 2) United Arab Emirates (ISO Country Code) 3) Arabian Republic Estate. 4) Agriculture Resources Establishment 5) All Right Ensured

What is Full form of FOR?

Government organisation ask for F.O.R price in there Tenders Full Form of F.O.R Is Freight on Road

Full form of AT?

Automatic Commonly used in specifying the machines feature,such as in cars,the companies use AT for automatic variant Eg: Hyundai I10 AT

What is the full form of 'WHAT'?

The word 'what' is the full form of that word. It seems to have meant 'what', as in 'what is that?' for about as far back as we can trace it. The sense of 'what' as in 'what (