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What is the fullform of NPA as used in banking sector?

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non performing assets
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How is information technology used in the banking sector?

A lot of Information Technology is used in banking. In larger banks all branches are connected via networks to a bank's "data center" Data centers are where the mainframe and

What is NPA?

if refering to national parks then an 'National Park Authority@

What are the uses of computer in the banking sector?

Besides data entry, storing customer databases, providing stock trade links, and providing web services, some banking institutions perform High-Frequency Trades to skim money

What are the uses of statistics in Banking Sector?

The statistical tools are used in banking sector for making a decision.How do a bank invest their money in capital market or for lending to their customer,they have to use sta

What is the use of RTGS in Banking Sector?

RTGS means Real Time Gross Settlement. It is used for immediate payment which is affect in party account within    minutes. It is used for the   transfer of Rs 10

What is the use of physics in banking sector?

Physics is used in the banking sector in various ways. The  electronics used in the banking industry rely on physics and there  is also the use of statistics which is part o

Uses of computer in banking sector?

 I want to tell you that now a days mainly in Banks all the transactions is done by Computer network and this is called a special word CBS (Core banking solution) Which mean