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What is the function of a Room Fuse in a 1999 Mazda Millenia?

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it supplies power to certain items constantly; even with the ignition switch off. pcm, clock, dome lights, to name a few.
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What is the function of a Room fuse in a 2001 Mazda 626?

 Answer   The room fuse in my '99 626 protects _ignition-off_ function of the power door locks, headlights, and some other functions, IIRC including all operation of

How do you install a taillight on a 1999 Mazda Millenia?

Look for #2057 bulb(Sylvania) You have to pop out the trunk trim from inside the trunk - it has plastic fasteners so you really have to pull hard. The carpet may also be hook

How do you replace the main fuse on a 1995 Mazda Millenia?

  Answer     DISCONNECT NEG LEAD FROM BATTERY.     After removing main fuse block cover, remove smaller cover with holes that allow viewing fuses. It's hel

Where is the egr valve on a 1999 Mazda Millenia?

  Answer   Raise the hood, and start looking down from the middle of the hood. As soon as you get below the windshild into the engine compartment you will see it mo

How do you replace rear brakes on a 1999 Mazda millenia s?

  I am not a mechanic but, this was an easy fix. There are 4 bolts that you'll remove, 2 that hold the caliper and 2 that hold the hydraulic system. Loosen all 4 bolts and

What are the causes of the hold light flashing for a 1999 Mazda millenia?

Genrally, it has to do with the VSS or Vehicle Speed Sensor. This is located on or near the upper portion of the transmission on the passenger side. If you remove the battery

How do you locate the tilt steering fuse on a 1999 Mazda millenia?

Save you time my friend It is not a fuse, it is the motor. These commonly failed in the Millie after about 6 years on the road. Only solution is try to romove and find a simil