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The function of the eye is to act as a receptor to light (electromagnetic energy). The eye contains the necessary elements to focus the light, convert the energy of that light into neurological signals, and then transmit those signals to the brain so the brain can interpret them.
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What is the function of the vitreous humour in the eye?

The vitreous humor helps keep the retina in place  The vitreous humour is a transparent jelly-like mass located behind the lens. it acts as a "suspension" for the lens so tha

What is the function of ciliary muscles in the eye?

Be sure not to confuse the roles of the ciliary muscles and pupillary muscles; this is a mistake that even the experts make at times. The ciliary muscles do not control the si

What is the function of the hyaloid canal in the eye?

Hyaloid canal is a small transparent canal running through the vitreous body from the optical nerve disc to the lens; it contains a prolongation of the central artery of the r

What is the function of pupil on human eye?

The pupil serves two important functions - to control the illumination in the eye, and to improve the optical quality of the image on the retina. The first function is obvious

What is the function of the eyes?

the function of the eyes is to help you see

What is the function of eyes?

Eyes are for observing changes in light and colour, while being able to focus on motion and distance.

What are the uses and function of eye dropper?

The eyedropper is used to translated smalls friolera of a liquid, from one container to another.

What is the major function of rods in the eye?

  Answer   The major function of Rods in the eye is that of Photo (light) reception. They are more sensitive to light thn are the cones, but are not color sensitive

Functions of the eyes?

To receive light impulses - and convert these to electro-chemical impulses that are sent to the brain so that the images can be understood and described/analysed/etc.

How does the eye function?

The eye is the biological receptor for light (electromagnetic energy). The eyes of animals have one or more lenses that focus the light on a retina of some kind. The retina ha

What are the functions of the two humors of the eye?

The aqueous humor moistens and supplies nutrients to the anterior and posterior chambers of the eye.The vitreous humor also moistens and supplies nutrients to the eye,in addit