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What is the function of the eye?

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The function of the eye is to act as a receptor to light (electromagnetic energy). The eye contains the necessary elements to focus the light, convert the energy of that light into neurological signals, and then transmit those signals to the brain so the brain can interpret them.
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How does the eye function?

The eye is the biological receptor for light (electromagnetic energy). The eyes of animals have one or more lenses that focus the light on a retina of some kind. The retina ha

What is the function of eyes?

Eyes are for observing changes in light and colour, while being able to focus on motion and distance.

Functions of the eye?

its the awsome one exept if you have to ouse glasses that's why you use contacts lol jk but some one awsnser this question

What is the function of the eye muscles?

It's the string like things on the back of the eye next to the optic nerve, it allows the eye to move around. Human eye have ciliary muscles not eye muscles,which holds the 
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Functions of the eyes?

To receive light impulses - and convert these to electro-chemical impulses that are sent to the brain so that the images can be understood and described/analysed/etc.