What is the furthest distance a space shuttle ever traveled from the Earth?

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385 Miles high. It was shuttle mission STS - 82 in 1997. That was a repair mission to the Hubble Space Telescope, after the repair the space shuttle Atlantis boosted the telescope to this orbit.
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Can a space shuttle travel to a meteorite?

Answer . No. A meteorite is an object that has already come through the Earth's atmosphere from space. On the way down, they are called meteors. A space shuttle, whether above or below the atmosphere, would need to avoid meteors at all costs. Since meteors are just rocks on the way from space to (MORE)

In which direction does the space shuttle travel?

forwards . Answer . It is always traveling around the Earth in the same direction as we are rotating, but much faster. The space shuttle when in space can point in any direction, as there in no up and down. It still keeps moving in the same direction, even with engines facing forward.

How fast do space shuttles travel?

Much more than 20,000 miles per hour. I stopped counting. That's part of the job of the rocket. 1) get the shuttle high, And 2) get the shuttle going fast. On tv, they show the speed of the shuttle increasing during liftoff. It's going more than 20,000 miles per hour while the rocket is still attach (MORE)

How far can a space shuttle travel into space?

Answer . I've always thought the answer to this was: It can keep going forever unless something in its way stops it. (One of newtons laws) See in space there is no gravity and without that force an object in motion can stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. EX. A planet or aster (MORE)

How does the space shuttle return to earth?

The STS or Space Shuttle uses a glide recovery system (like an airplane) to return and land on the ground. In the end, it is assisted by a parachute (only to decrease the speed of the shuttle at landing.) When given the command from Houston, it will slam into Earth's atmosphere. This will create eno (MORE)

How fast do space shuttles travel in space?

They can travel up to 7,743 meters/second or 27,875 kilometers/houror 25,404 feet/second or 17,321 miles/hour i don't think so this istrue because to escape from Earth atmosphere we need 11.2 km/s soabove this is little messy

What is the furthest distance ever walked?

Georges Holtyzer of Belgium walked 418.49 miles in 6 days 10 hrs and 58 minutes in July 19 to July 25 of 1986. According to the Guiness book of world records In 2004 "Extreme Walkers" members David Macatinney and Russel Fowler walked non stop (no sleep no rest) for 154 hours and 5 minutes inside (MORE)

How far can a space shuttle travel?

There is no gravity therfore it will travel forever slowly speeding up and eventually travelling at 99.999% of the speed of light, if this object collides with another it will create a big bang

Has a space shuttle ever visited Mercury?

The space shuttle is an Earth orbit vehicle. No humans have ever travelled to any body other than the Moon (from 1969 to 1972). All other space exploration has been by unmanned probes.

How does a space shuttle land on earth?

Basically a shuttle is just a huge glider when it comes back to earth it has no fuel and relies on aerodynamic forces to keep it flying. eventually its lands and unlike a plane that has fuel if it misses its target it cannot make another pass.

How has the space shuttle revolutionised space travel?

Yes! As far as space travel goes, Shuttles are basically our only way, at the moment, to travel far distances in the endless reaches of space. Apart from rockets which take take us from earth into space, and carry the heavy loads, shuttles are what are used mainly.

How do space shuttles get out of earth atmosphere?

escape velocity of the earth is around 11km per sec so the shuttle would need to travel around 22times the speed of sound to get into orbit If your doing a space project at school, you can use some of these ideas: The 3 Main Components Of The Space Shuttle The Rocket Boosters: The Roc (MORE)

Where does the space shuttle travel in space?

The space shuttle only goes into Earth orbit, no other place, ever. It can't go to the Moon as it is too heavy for available rockets to take it there, and there is no air on the Moon for its wings to do any landing.

Has Russia ever launched a space shuttle?

Russia was developing a space shuttle very similar to the United State's space shuttle called Buran (Russian for Snowstorm). The Buran program began in 1974 as a response to the United State's Space Shuttle program. The Russians believed that the US Space Shuttle could be a significant military thre (MORE)

How does the space shuttle launch from earth?

The Shuttles, like most launch vehicles, are essentially controlled explosions, using directed energy from volatile chemical combustion to propel them into space. The Shuttles use 2 external, reusable, Solid Fuel Rocket Boosters (SRB's) which are attached to an external fuel tank which contains s (MORE)

What space shuttle did john glenn travel in?

on the 29th of October 1998, John Glenn became the oldest man to fly in space. Astronaut John Glenn was a payload specialist during mission STS-95 aboard the space shuttle Discovery

When was the second space shuttle ever built?

This is tricky, the first orbiter OV-101 was originally scheduled to be named the Constitution , however after massive public pressure, the White House changed it's name to the Enterprise in honor of Star Trek's starship Enterprise . So the second name of the first shuttle was Enterprise . It (MORE)

What is the distance from earth to the furthest planet in our galaxy?

Astronomers once believed that planets were probably rare and unusual, and that tere might not be very many planets. However, recent discoveries indicate that planets are far more common; in fact, almost every star that astronomers have closely observed is discovered to have some planets! So it i (MORE)

What is the furthest man has ever seen into space?

The farthest objects detected are estimated to lie at distances of something like 14 billion light years from us. But it must be noted that measuring those distances takes a lot of ingenuity, and there are still a lot of questions among serious cosmologists regarding the accuracy of today' (MORE)

Did a space shuttle ever land at lax?

No. NASA strongly prefers landing the shuttle at its specially constructed landing site at Kennedy Space Center, since landing it anywhere else requires that it be transported back to Kennedy for the next launch, and this is an expensive process (it's basically piggybacked on a specially modified (MORE)

Is the space shuttle able for space travel?

The answer is no. The reason is because the Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSMEs) draw fuel from the orange external tank (ET). Fuel from the ET is drained by the the time the shuttle reaches orbit 8 minutes after launch. The ET is then jettisoned where it burns up upon re-entry. LOX and LH2 fuel on bo (MORE)

What do you might be difficult about traveling in space shuttle?

It would probably be difficult traveling in a Space Shuttle, because of the gravity. There is basically no gravity unless you are on earth... That and the face that you would be so confined in such a small space, and that is something that I would never be able to do, because I am very bad at being (MORE)

What speed does the space shuttLE travel at?

-- At the present time, the space shuttles no longer travel. Their program has ended, they're all in museums as static displays, and the speed of each shuttle is zero. -- When they were flying, their assignments all consisted of low-earth-orbit tasks... carrying crew and supplies to the Inter (MORE)

What is the furthest distance a space exploration vehicle launched on earth ever traveled away from earth?

The Voyager 1, which was launched in 1977, is the farthest man-madeobject from Earth. It is still traveling away from the Earth, andis now approximately 11.7 billion miles from Earth. All contact islost with the spacecraft, and its batteries are expected to die ina few years. Interesting information (MORE)

Why does a space shuttle have to travel so fast?

Space shuttles must travel at 11km/s so that they can escape the force of gravity. the force of gravity is approximately 9.81. If you don't travel at a greater speed than the force of gravity, the rocket will not launch.

What is the furthest distance you can see in space?

There's no limit to how far away you can see something, IF it's bright enough in the wavelengths that your detectors can see, and there's nothing in the way to block the view. The farthest thing you can see with your eyes only, assuming you have 'normal' eyesight, is about 2.5 million lig (MORE)