What is the geographic importance of Muslim world?

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Well its Hajj that's basically the center of Muslims where the Ka'ba is situated.
All the mosques around the world is oriented to face the Ka'ba (:
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What was the importance of geographic factors in World War 2?

Answer . The fact that England was an island prevented the Germans from winning the war in 1940 after winning the Battle of France.\n. \nThe great expanse of the Soviet Un

What is the importance of Muslim countries in the world?

The strategic value of a region in world affairs depends upon its economic , political, commercial , and military importance , of all the factor . the Muslims countries are oc

What is the importance of Pakistan in Muslim world?

The weight of Pakistan as the 2nd biggest Muslim country. The biggest Islamic republic. And the single Muslim country officially in possesion of Nuclear weapon

What are the most important geographical monuments in the world?

there are many important monuments in the world today but, some of the most imporatant geographical monuments would definitely be 'the Great Sphinx', 'the Eifel Tower', the Py

What is the importance of Muslim unity in the whole world?

Muslim unity: . can support world peace . helps each Muslim country to complement other countries and hence supports the world economy . reduce the risk of wars between M

Why were observatories important in the Muslim world?

Astronomy was significant in ancient civilizations. In Islam, it was recognized as having scientific principles, and helped them in determining where to face the qiblah and th

What are major climatic and geographical regions of the Muslim world?

There are seven climatic regions in the Muslim World as follows: 1. Equatorial Climatic Region. 2. Mediterranean Climatic Region. 3. Temperate Grassland Climatic Region. 4. Tu
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What made Cairo Cordoba and Baghdad important in the Muslim world?

Answer 1 Cairo has been an important capital of the earlier Muslim Province of Egypt. It has also been a famous place of learning and trade centre. Baghdad had been the Capi