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What is the geographic importance of Muslim world?

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Well its Hajj that's basically the center of Muslims where the Ka'ba is situated.
All the mosques around the world is oriented to face the Ka'ba (:
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What is the importance of the year 622 for Muslims?

Year 622 AD is the year of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) immigration (or Hijra) from Mecca to Yathrib (later called Medina) per God command to him and upon God information to him th

Why the ummah is important for Muslims?

Because it shows the unity of Muslims. It is said in one of the hadiths that if one part of the body is in pain the whole body is in pain.. which is what the Muslim ummah is,

What is the importance of geographical location of Pakistan?

Pakistan in Asia has much geographical importance because of its strategic location. Firstly, Pakistan has all features of nature like sea, deserts, mountains, rivers. Secondl

What is important to the Muslims?

There are many things important too Muslims. All of them are listed in the Holy Quraan. Like Allah ( the only God ), Our " My " Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ), The Holy Book Qura

Why is the Quran so important to muslims?

because it is their holy book like the bible is to Christians, sentfrom Allah :) Quran is the only Holy text in the whole human history that haveremained unchanged after the p

Why is Panama's geographic location important?

It is an isthmus and it connects two continents together. Long time ago, it was probably important for trading and invasions Around 20 million years ago.

Why is Jesus important to Jews and Muslims?

Answer 1   Muslims believe Jesus was a messenger and prophet of God.    Jesus plays no role whatsoever in Judaism.    Answer 2   muslims believe that the
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Why is Muslim important?

Muslims are important because they Play important roles in the exspansion of the muslim empire

What was the importance of geographic factors in World War 2?

 Answer   The fact that England was an island prevented the Germans from winning the war in 1940 after winning the Battle of France.     The great expanse of the

What are the important geographic features in Mesopotamia?

There are really three important geographic features of  Mesopotamia. It is made up of an area of land known as "the fertile  crescent". This land lies between and around tw