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What is the gestation period for sheep?

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Average 147 day gestation period for a Sheep. Sheep gestation periods can generally be anywhere from 144-151 days.
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What is the Gestational period of a hen?

Hens really do not have a gestational period the way a mammal does.   Gestation refers to a mammals egg being fertilized and being nurtured inside the body until the baby

What is the gestation period of sheep and goat?

On average sheep and goats have a 5 month gestation, around 150 days. However, some breeds are known to have a slightly shorter or slightly longer gestation and there is indiv

What is a is a squirrels gestational period?

depends on the size of the squirrel... small ones = approx 33 days larger ones= approx 60 youre average eastern grey squirrel will have a gestation period of around 44 days.

What is the gestation period for ants?

The gestation period of an ant is between 69 and 78 days. However,  this time period can vary depending on the individual ant.

What is a gestation period?

The gestation period is a scientific term for the length of time, from conception to birth, an embryo turned fetus remains in the womb of its mother. It pertains to any specie