What is the highest ranking that a person serving the Army can have during peace time?

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General (4 stars)
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What is title of the highest ranking officer in the US army?

Answer . Chief of Staff is the title of the highest ranking officer of the US Army. He holds the rank of General, which is an 0-10 / 4 star rank.. The title of Commander-In-Chief is given to the President of the US and is the commanding authority for all military forces, but the holder of this r (MORE)

What is the highest rank in the British Army?

Field marshal (equiv 5 star, NATO OF10) only used in war time or as an honorary, ceremonial or posthumous rank. The highest rank in peace time is General (equiv 4 star, NATO OF9). As explained the insignia, Field Marshall isn't shown as said its used in Major war time or ceremonial duties. Briti (MORE)

What are the highest general ranks in the US Army?

The five highest US Army ranks are General Officers: . General of the Army (5 stars), . General (4 stars), . Lieutenant General (3 stars), . Major General (2 stars) . Brigadier General (1 star) . Colonel (eagle)

Can you serve time for breech of peace in CT?

Probably not. Can you serve time for ignoring the warrant....yes. Yes is is possible to receive a custodial sentence for breech of the peace in Conneticut and when you click on the link which has been added for your convenience below this answer it will take you directly to the website which explai (MORE)

What is the highest rank in the Australian Army?

The highest rank is Field Marshal, currently held by Queen Elizabeth's husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. It is a purely ceremonial role. Following that is the rank of General which is held by the Chief of the Defence Force (a role that rotates through the heads of the three services) and then Lieutena (MORE)

Who is the highest ranking general in the US Army?

The president is the chef in commander no one out ranks the president ... General Martin E. Dempsey is currently the United States' highest ranking military officer. He is the 18th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a military adviser to the President.

What rank would you be in if you served two years in the army as a peramedic?

In two years, you'd be a Specialist (regardless of MOS), provided you didn't do something which got you busted down. As for serving as a paramedic in the Army... nowadays, the MOS is called "Healthcare Specialist" (68W), and requires a basic EMT licence. There were personnel with this MOS who served (MORE)

What are the ranks from highest to lowest in the US Army?

This is a list of lowest to highest ranks, officers and enlisted. Enlisted Ranks: PRIVATE (PVT/PV2) (Addressed as "Private") Lowest rank: a trainee who's starting Basic Combat Training (BCT). Primary role is to carry out orders issued to them to the best of his/her ability. (PVT does not have (MORE)

What is the highest rank in the army that is fighting in the battle field?

Usually the highest American rank is a 4-star General, who is called "General". With the massive amount of troops in World War II, the US created the rank of "General of the Army", "General of the Air Force", "Fleet Admiral". These ranks are "5 star Generals" and are reserved for use during wartime (MORE)

Is a colonel the highest rank in the US Army?

No. There are 4, sometimes 5 ranks of General that are higher. (brigadier general, major general, lieutenant general, general, andgeneral of the army) Colonel is the highest non-Flag/General officer rank. All theGenerals must be nominated by the President and approved by theSenate. Colonels do not r (MORE)

What is the 3rd highest rank in the army?

Officers out rank all enlisted personnel. So, it would be an officer. The third highest would be a Lieutenant General (O-9). That's assuming there's an 0-11, General of the Army that is active, which it isn't all the time. In that case it would be one rung lower, Brigadier General (O-8).

What are the US army ranks highest to lowest?

General of the Army . General . Lieutenant General . Major General . Brigadier General . Colonel . Lieutenant Colonel . Major . Captain . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Chief Warrant Officer 5 . Chief Warrant Officer 4 . Chief Warrant Officer 3 . Warrant Officer 2 . Warrant (MORE)

How much does the highest rank in the US Army get paid?

Assuming you mean the United States Army, it depends on a bunch of different things. See the related link below for the Current US Military pay scale. Note the amounts listed there are per month . Also pay attention to the limits in the footnotes, which limits pay to the top end of the civili (MORE)

What are the rankings in the army from highest to lowest?

General of the Army, General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant First Class, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, Private First Class, Private.

What is the highest army rank you can be when you first come out of westpoint?

Second Lieutenant - you're going to start at the very bottom level of officer ranks, and nothing you do in West Point is going to change that. The only way you'll start off at a higher rank is through a process such as Direct Commission. In that instance, you would already have experience in your pr (MORE)

What presidents served in only peace time?

The US has had a lot of small conflicts that involved military action, but all presidents except for Madison, Polk, Lincoln, McKinley, Wilson, F. Roosevelt, Truman, Lyndon Johnson. G. H. W. Bush , George W. Bush and Obama either served only in peace time or had only brief periods when they called on (MORE)

What is the highest rank attained while serving in the US military?

typically the highest rank is a General (aka 4 star General), but in some cases one officer is promoted to General of the Army (5 star General) and in extremely rare cases (only twice in US history) a General can attain the rank of General of the Armies, which is senior to all officer ranks past and (MORE)

What is the highest ranking Army command?

The highest Army/Air Force/Marine rank is five Star General; however, this rank has not been issued since WW2. The highest current military rank is General (4 Star).

What was highest rank you could join army as in 1965?

for most people it was enlisted grade 1 or E-1. If you were a college graduate and qualified you could join as an officer O-1. Some were brought in, mainly as helicopter pilots as warrant officers W-1. For a selected few, with special skills there was a program called the advanced paygrade program. (MORE)

What is the abbreviation for the highest ranking army officer?

Some armies have different rankings, so it would depend on which army you are referring to. General is usually considered the highest rank, though this can have additions to it. Brigadier Genera, Major General, Lieutenant General, etc. There are also ranks called Marshalls, Field Marshall, Marshal (MORE)

Which person served as the General-in-Chief of the Union Army during the Civil War?

When the war began the General in Chief was Winfield Scott, 75years old, in the position since 1839, an authentic hero of the Warof 1812 and the genius of the Mexican War. Ruthlessly humiliated bythe arrogant George McClellan, Scott resigned from the Army in 1862(after 54 years of service) and was r (MORE)

Who are the ranks from highest to lowest in the us army officer?

General of the Army (five stars.. currently, there arenone) . General (four stars) . Lieutenant General (three stars) . Major General (two stars) . Brigadier General (one star) . Colonel (eagle insignia) . Lieutenant Colonel (silver oak leaf insignia) . Major (gold oak leaf insignia) . Capta (MORE)

What is the ranking highest command of the army?

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