What is the history and evolution of public relations?

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1 art commissioned by the church and focused solely on religion 2 art was commissioned by patrons and focused on their wealth and power 3 art was approved by royal academies and followed pre-established standards 4 art was displayed in galleries and was geared to a variety of artist tastes Austin buckley 10 grade apex yes this is in order #dasneaks check it out
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What are public relations?

Answer . \nPublic relations is, simply-stated, the art and science of building relationships between an organization and its key audiences. Examples include:\n. \n. \n* C

What is the history of man's evolution?

It is the opinion of many that man did not evolve. Answer See links for a good start. If you have some extra money send away for a genome kit and see what your genes tell y

History and evolution of public relations in India?

Although public relations is well over one hundred years old,didn't spread to India until the 1990s. At first, it was mediarelations, and nothing else. Then, journalists start

What is the history of public relations in the Philippines?

Public relations in the Philippines started when the Americans returned to our country after World War II. A key personnel attached to the U.S. Army was the Press Information

Is history a production of evolution or creation?

well according to the bible creation is true and you may say the bible was only written by men. well the bible was in fact written by men, but they were influenced by God hims

Is history a product of creation or evolution?

History is a record of what happened. It is 'caused' by events happening. Evolution is included in these events, and may have caused other events which are also recorded, bu

How is co evolution and evolution is related?

Coevolution is simply the evolution if organisms in tandem. One organism evolves and this act as selection pressure on the other organism. Such as the fox and rabbit. As the r

What is the theory of evolution in world history?

In the history of the world, the development of evolutionary theoryrepresents a turning point in the way people think about the world.Prior to the Enlightenment, people often