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What is the history of African-Americans in Louisiana?

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The original inhabitants of the Louisiana territory were the Black Washitaws. They were the original mound builders that built thousands of mounds and piramids along the Mississippi river valley basin. Their decendants still live in Louisiana, which is their ancestral home. They successfully sued the United States in international court for selling the Louisiana Territory, their ancestral homeland. As a result, the US had to give back 60,000 acres in Louisiana and they are recognized by the UN as a separate nation.
Louisiana has benefited tremendously from the presence of Africans in America. Since New Orleans was a major slave port, it had its pick of the most skilled African architects, iron workers, builders and other artisans. That's why all slave port cities were laid out so beautifully, with exquisite architecture, iron working and craftmanship. The African American influence in Louisiana has been tremendous. Unfortunately, the various rivaling European cultures in Louisiana were very oppressive to Africans. They created a rigid cast system based on skin color. The idea of creole, octaroon, quadroon and malotto originated in Louisiana's cast system.  
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