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What is the importance of studying social psychology?

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social psychology is an important area of study in that it tackles on how individuals are either consciously or unconsciously influenced to act in a desired manner.
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What is the importance of studying psychology?

The importance of studying psychology is quite simple - in a clinical sense, studying the human brain, and gaining a better understanding of it, can help clinical psychologist

What is the importance of studying business psychology?

Here are some things that are important about business psychology:Studying anything makes you smarter!Business psychology makes you better at business, so you can make more mo

Importance of studying psychology?

There is a great amount of importance in studying psychology.  Studying psychology can help solve some of the world's problems  like depression or anxiety.

Relevance of studying psychology to social work?

Studying psychology is relevant to the field of social work because  it delves into a personâ??s mind and behaviors. A keen  understanding of this will help a social worker

Why need study social psychology?

If we study social psychology we study the behavior of individuals in a social setting. It is good to know why people act the way they do according to their surroundings.

Importance of pseudo-psychology to the study of psychology?

Pseudo-psychology is an important term to learn for the psychology student as well as the general public. Pseudo-psychology pertains to such things as advertisements that make

Why is culture important to the human society and the study of social psychology?

Culture is a distinct belief,custom,ritual,language and a way of life of a social group or community that give identity and a sense of belonging to that social group.It is pas

How does social psychology differ from the general study of psychology?

Social psychology is a branch of psychology. While Psychology encompasses all branches, social psychology will cover only social aspects of psychology. It's not two differ