What is the importance of studying social psychology?

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social psychology is an important area of study in that it tackles on how individuals are either consciously or unconsciously influenced to act in a desired manner.
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What is social psychology?

Social psychology the scientific study of the human mind and itsfunctions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context.

Why is social studies so important to people?

To learn from our past history; we do not make the same mistakes in our future. To also know about the what, why and how helps us all to be better by not taking things for grated, help where you can and accept the things you can not change. God bless. And also what he said but also because by rea (MORE)

What is the importance of studying psychology?

The importance of studying psychology is quite simple - in a clinical sense, studying the human brain, and gaining a better understanding of it, can help clinical psychologists treat and cure psychological problems. Here are some things that are important about psychology: . Studying the human (MORE)

What is the importance of studying business psychology?

Here are some things that are important about business psychology: . Studying anything makes you smarter! . Business psychology makes you better at business, so you can make more money . Business psychology lets you understand what will sell and what won't . Business psychology lets you unders (MORE)

Why study psychology?

I am currently studying psychology at college, and I find it extremely interesting with the additional advantage of being able to understand people better and why we do the things we do. There are also a range of studies and theories that are taught in class which give great insight to a range of th (MORE)

Importance of studying psychology?

There is a great amount of importance in studying psychology.Studying psychology can help solve some of the world's problemslike depression or anxiety.

What are the 3 importance why the history of psychology should be known and studied by a psychology major student?

A Psychology major student should definitely have a brief background of the history of Psychology. This is because majority of the theories being constantly used and/or modified in research have their historical basis. Furthermore, specializations currently offered in the field are an offshoot of th (MORE)

How can a psychology teacher explain the importance of psychology in field of computer studies?

There's an important field in computer science related to human-machine interaction through software. A psychologist could very well develop research related to human behavior in the use of new technologies. I suggest checking out UI (user interface) design literature, or something specific about (MORE)

Relevance of studying psychology to social work?

Studying psychology is relevant to the field of social work becauseit delves into a personâ??s mind and behaviors. A keenunderstanding of this will help a social worker have a greaterunderstanding and compassion towards an individual facing adversecircumstances so they can help them thrive.

Importance of instructional materials in the teaching social studies?

Introduction \n The introduction of Social studies into the Nigerian school system was based on certain philosophical considerations. One of them is to address social issues and man’s problem of life in their interrelatedness, as they appear in real life situations instead of addressin (MORE)

Why might the study of applied psychology and business psychology in particular still be important in the age of information technology?

The age of information technology does not make business psychology obsolete. Just because we have the tools does not mean we know how to use them efficiently. Also, in the realm of psychology, we are interested in how people interact. Due to technology we have even more options for interaction than (MORE)

What is 'social psychology'?

Social psychology is the study of how people and groups interact. (Wikipedia). For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Answers.com) indicated below this answer box.

Why need study social psychology?

If we study social psychology we study the behavior of individuals in a social setting. It is good to know why people act the way they do according to their surroundings.

Importance of pseudo-psychology to the study of psychology?

Pseudo-psychology is an important term to learn for the psychology student as well as the general public. Pseudo-psychology pertains to such things as advertisements that make untestable claims as to make their product seem more efficient than it actually is. While it may do no physical or psycholog (MORE)

Why is it important to study about social problems?

why is important to dignosis the pathological part of human body? on the basis of pathological reports,patients are properly treated. Accoding to that medicines have been given them.Same way Societal pathological report is very important to know the diseases of society. after knowing they can be cu (MORE)

Why is culture important to the human society and the study of social psychology?

Culture is a distinct belief,custom,ritual,language and a way of life of a social group or community that give identity and a sense of belonging to that social group.It is passed down from generation to general as heritage .There are simultaneous cultures through historical time giving rise to disti (MORE)

How is Psychology studied?

Mostly through research, psychology students aim to unearth the root causes of human behavior and ways in which abnormal behavior can be recified. However, as the famous researcher Thomas Szasz once said - abnormality is only a result of the surrounding cultural environment - it's relative.

How does social psychology differ from general psychology?

Psychology -- the scientific study of behavior and mental processes, contains many sub-fields -- such as comparative (animals v. humans); biological; psychotherapy or counseling; abnormal or psychopathology, and SOCIAL. Social psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes that (MORE)

How does social psychology differ from the general study of psychology?

Social psychology is a branch of psychology. While Psychology encompasses all branches, social psychology will cover only social aspects of psychology. It's not two different things! Don't get that idea. It's just that social psychology is specializing in only social behavior. It is still cons (MORE)

What is the relationship between psychology and social psychology?

Psychology is the general study of human behavior. Social psychology is a facet of psychology that deals primarily with the way that social interactions affect the individuals involved. It is much the same as the relationship between chemistry and biochemistry: chemistry is the general field studyi (MORE)

What is the between social psychology and psychology?

social psychology bases its studies off of the interactions between people and how we work together. psychology includes a lot of things that goes on in our brains when we learn or react to different situations. social psychology is simply the social aspects of how we act as humans and psychology is (MORE)

What is important of psychology?

Psychology is that branch of medical science,which deals with the human's nature,character,behavior,social dealings & interactions with others.

How does social psychology differ from subdisplines of psychology?

Within the context of psychology, social psychology is the scientific study of people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is often thought of as a hub discipline as the social psychology methods can be applied to most any domain of human functioning. It differs from clinical psychology in that s (MORE)

How does social psychology differ from psychology?

Social Psychology is a particular branch of Psychology - I would not say that it "differs" from Psychology, but rather that it is a specialization or type of Psychology. It focuses not only on groups of people, but also on how individuals interact with other people whether in large or small groups. (MORE)

What is the importance of studying the social structure of a country?

As well as in common political discourse,social mobility refers to the degree to which an individual or group's status is able to change in terms of position in the social hierarchy. To this extent it most commonly refers to material wealth and the ability of an agentto move up the class system. Suc (MORE)

What is difference between social psychology and psychology?

Social psychology happens to be my favorite out of all the courses I take at the University( I study psychology). Social psychology studies how other people (people who are actually there or people who are in our life but not in our immediate vicinity) can influence our behavior. for example, ho (MORE)

What are the relationships between psychology and social psychology?

Psychology is a very broad term. There are very many different psychology fields, and social psychology is one of them, it focuses mainly on interpersonal behavior and role of social forces in governing behavior. e.g. attitude formation, prejudice, conformity, attraction, aggression, group behavior. (MORE)

How can you use psychology to study psychology?

The same way you use science to study science - you use what is already known to form theories, hypothesis, and use that knowledge to determine what you will study. You don't want to study something that is already known (unless you want to re-test it), so it helps to use what people have already di (MORE)