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Writing helps you express yourself.

Writing prepares you for school and employment (both of which in most cases require a lot of it).

Writing is how much of the world communicates. If you don't write, you cut yourself off from a large community (including this one, incidentally).

Writing can be a great tool to help you know more about the way you think... writing can solidify ideas and thoughts, and allow you to reflect on them better than if the ideas remained evolving in your head.

Writing is one of the ways that we translate our thoughts for other people. Some people are better at expressing themselves in writing than any other way, and you thus get a better translation when you read what they have to say rather than hearing them speak.

Writing assists you with other language tasks as well... writing helps you learn how to form language, how to spell, how to ... put together a plot. You learn how to make a logical argument, or how to persuade, mainly through writing. Speaking can help you learn those things as well, but it is easier to self-examine and evaluate how to improve when you have something concrete in front of you, and can revise.
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Writing is important because it's communication. We can communicate with others when they're not where you are or at a different time than you are. In other words, writing is

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writing is a very important component of our life.Writing helps us to increase our speed.learn things more faster and in a easy way.We write because we forget things very fast

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What is "do writing?" This does not appear to be proper English. If the question were rephrased in proper English, I think we would know how to answer it.

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Because people who made up these expressions want to make life easier! ENJOY By writing an expression in its simplest form, it makes it as easy as possible to understand it.

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