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What is the inflammation of the liver and other tissues that can be caused by viral infection or drug abuse?

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What viral infections cause rashes?

  Rosacea is caused by a virus and you like having a butterfly rash or slapped face as a presenting symptom.   Rosacea is caused by a virus and you like having a butter

What mechanism causes viral infections?

The virus itself. Viruses get their way into a host cell (possibly one of the cells in your lungs, for instance) where they replicate themselves. The new virus bodies are re

Why can't drugs treat viral infections?

Drugs can treat viral infections, just not the same way as other infections. With other infections--let's say bacterial--the bacteria attacks and kills cells. Drugs fight them

Can a viral infection cause a miscarriage?

it depends, i had chickenpox when i was pregnant and sadly lost the baby. but it depends what sort of infection u have and how far along u are. if your in your first trimester

Can viral infections cause yeast infections?

Yeast infections usually happen in warm, moist parts of the body,  such as mouth, and moist areas of skin. When an infection causes in  the vagina, it is known as vulvovagin