What is the largest screen size available on an led lcd tv?

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Currently the largest screen size available for an led lcd television is seventy inches. The diagonal measurment for the seventy inch screen is sixty-nine and one-half inches.
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What is a LED TV and a LCD TV?

A LED tv is a LCD tv with LED backlighting. non led lcds have CFL backlighting or such (compact fluorescent LED tv's are different because they can be thinner and have

What is better and lcd TV or a led TV?

Although it still depends on its technical specification, in the vast majority of cases an LED TV will be better. LED usually has a sharper image as each pixel is being change

How many sizes are available for Sony lcd TVs?

There are at least 7 size ranges of Sony LCD TVs. Depending on what you are looking for, LCD TVs can be smaller than 20" or can be as big as 70"; normally, anywhere from 20"-7

Is lcd or led television screen best?

LED is a type of LCD. It vastly improves blacks, colors, and contrast for LCD. But it still suffers from motion blur problems. So you need one that is 120Hz or 240Hz refresh r

Which is the largest OLED screen TV available in the market and what are the specs?

OLED televisions are very new in the market and products are changing fast. At present (June 2012) there are some 32 and 40 inch OLED models. Both Samnsung and LG have shown 5
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What is the largest screen size available for a Toshiba TV?

Toshiba currently has televisions with screen sizes (diagonal) from 23 inches to 65 inches. The largest model they make at this time is the Toshiba 65UL610U, a 65 inch screen