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What is the last level on cubefield?

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Yes, it does end but you have to have a lot of time to waste on it it doesnt end on a level it ends on a score, the highest score you can get is 10 trillion, my highest score is 2450778 and i can tell you it is hard trust me ^^
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How many levels are in cubefield?

Ive only gotten to the 4th level but if anyone can get passed it just improve the answer.

Are There Cheats For Cubefield?

No there are no hacks for cubefield and if you looked up this question you are a big nerd

Is there a cheat to cubefield?

There are many different cheats in cubefield. A variety of them consists of a series of buttons. One is: press repeatedly space and the right button to enter place out of cube

Is there a cheat for cubefield?

No ther is not a cheat for Cubefield because the people that made the game have probably made sure there was no cheats

What are the colors of the cubes you cubefield for each level?

First Level cubes are red Orange and yellowish background is white and grey Second Level cubes are green around the perimeter and transparent background is black Third Level c
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How many levels does cubefield?

It keeps on going and it never ends until you hit a block. Each level goes faster and faster that it looks like the blocks aren't moving ;) Thnx for reading BY CLAIRE W P.S