What is the latin word for smart?

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"A Small Section of the World" explores the ASOMOBI women of Costa Rica and their involvement in global coffee production. Can you explain what exactly the ASOMOBI coffee cooperative is for those of us unfamiliar with the program?

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What is the Latin word for where?

Ubi, and it can also be used for 'when', depending on the circumstances. 'Where' in the sense of 'whither; to what place' is quo (e.g. Quo vadis, 'where are you going?'). 'Whe (MORE)

What is the Latin translation for the word speed in Latin?

  There is more than one word for speed (in fact, there are a lot). Here are a few: 1. curro, currere, cucurri, cursus [VERB, 3rd conj.] to hasten/hurry/speed/quickly (MORE)

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What is the Latin word for are?

The verb "are" is the present indicative singular/plural form of the infinitive verb "to be" in English, however, "are" can be used for several different persons. Latin verbs, (MORE)

What is the Latin translation for the word child in Latin?

Do you mean the Latin translation of the English word child? Liberi, liberorum/liberum (usually used in the plural). Not to be confused with the adjective liber, libera, liber (MORE)

What is the Latin word for jubilant and what does it mean in Latin?

I doubt there is a direct translation for jubilant (see paragraph below for why), but you could say "laetissimus" (pronounced light-iss-im-uss), the superlative of "Laetus", w (MORE)