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What is the latin word for smart?

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What is the latin word for smart?
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What is the Latin word for where?

Ubi, and it can also be used for 'when', depending on the circumstances. 'Where' in the sense of 'whither; to what place' is quo (e.g. Quo vadis, 'where are you going?'). 'Whe

What is the Latin word for but?

  i.e. "sed" - but there are others...   By the way, the i.e. is latin, too (in exemplo).

What is A smart word for smart?

Some other words for smart include: intellectual, academically gifted, bright, intelligent, brainy, keen, perspicacious, or clever. I recommend that instead of asking a site

What is the Latin translation for the word in in Latin?

The Latin word for 'in' is just simply the same word: 'in'. This can also mean 'on'. Note that the preposition "in" in Latin can be paired with and object of the preposition

What is the Latin word for He?

There is no catchall pronoun for "he" in Latin as there is in English. Person and number in all Latin verbs are determined by their endings. In simple 1st conjugation verbs th