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What is 'smart' in Latin?

A Latin equivalent of the English adjective 'smart' is acer , acerbus , or gravis . Each of the Latin adjectives means 'smart' in the sense of 'painful'. Another Latin equi

How do you say smart in latin?

smart = intelligente meaning intelligent i believe there is no word for smart or for translator use altavista.com. smart as in quick = acer . smart as in smartly dressed

What is A smart word for smart?

Some other words for smart include: intellectual, academically gifted, bright, intelligent, brainy, keen, perspicacious, or clever. I recommend that instead of asking a site

Latin for smart?

The Latin word for "smart" is "ipsum. " Other possible translationsfor "smart" in Latin include "nitidus," "scitus," "rapidus,""luculentus," and "dicax. "

What is the Latin translation for the word in in Latin?

The Latin word for 'in' is just simply the same word: 'in'. This can also mean 'on'. Note that the preposition "in" in Latin can be paired with and object of the prepositio

What is the Latin translation for the word from in Latin?

There are three Latin prepositions (two having alternative forms) that can be translated "from": . 'ab' ('a' or 'abs') - "The fundamental signification of ab is departur