What is the latin word for smart?


What is the Latin word for are?

The verb "are" is the present indicative singular/plural form of the infinitive verb "to be" in English, however, "are" can be used for several different persons. Latin verbs,… (MORE)

What is the Latin word for where?

Ubi, and it can also be used for 'when', depending on the circumstances.'Where' in the sense of 'whither; to what place' is quo (e.g. Quo vadis, 'where are you going?').'Whenc… (MORE)

Is the word Cristo a Latin word?

There is no Latin word cristo. Latin does have the word Christo, which is the dative and ablative form of "Christus" (a borrowing from the Greek word "Χριστός" meaning… (MORE)

What is 'smart' in Latin?

  A Latin equivalent of the English adjective 'smart' is acer, acerbus, or gravis. Each of the Latin adjectives means 'smart' in the sense of 'painful'. Another Latin equi… (MORE)

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