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What is the lingua franca of Egypt?

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In Egypt they speak a dialect of Arabic.
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What is a lingua franca?

A lingua franca is a widely known language, generally used when speakers of two other languages want to communicate.  For example a speaker of Arabic may talk to a speaker of

Is Bantu a lingua franca?

Yes, some of the Bantu languages--particularly Swahili--function as lingua francas in central, eastern, and southern Africa.

What is the lingua franca of East Africa?

the lingua franca of east Africa is the modern Swahili which is being used as national language in east Africa(Kenya, Tanzania) whereby some foreign languages words aded in bu

How has English become the lingua Franca of much of the world?

The British Empire was the largest Empire the world has ever known. What they did was snap-up all the undeveloped places and impose their culture on it. This included the Engl

Disadvantages of lingua franca?

Negative Aspects As remarked above, empires do not usually take much interest in foreign cultures, and the United States is no exception. Most Americans only watch their own f

Disadvantages of lingua franca in your society?

Well, for one, a lingua franca enables one language to be dominant--to some extent--over the other languages. Following that line of reasoning, that language will also get som