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What is the liquid inside a coconut?

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coconut milk
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What is the liquid inside a thermometre called?

  If it is clear red or blue, it is alcohol (ethanol) dyed, as it is normally colourless. If it is silver then the liquid is mercury, the only common metal that is liquid

Explain how liquid detergent emulsifies coconut oil and water?

Liquid detergent consists of a hydrophilic sulphurous head and a hydrophobic hydrocarbon tail. When detergent is added to coconut oil and water, the head dissolves in water an

Is coconut oil a liquid or solid?

Both. Above 25 o Celsius (75 o F) it is a liquid. Below that it is a solid.

What is the chemical or liquid inside a compass?

compasses have Mineral Oil filled Needle Housings, with steel needles that pivot on a sapphire bearing The light mineral oil is there to damp the needle (stop the needle swi

How do they know that inside the Earth it is liquid?

  Actually, only one segment of inner earth is theorized to be liquid. This segment is known as the outer core. Scientists suspect that the outer core is liquid because o

What is the liquid inside a thermometer?

If it's silvery, it's probably mercury though if it's a newer thermometer it may be some low melting alloy such as Galinstan.     If it's red or blue, it's most likely
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What is the liquid inside a plant called?

it is called the liquid inside a plant. Heck NO! Stupid that didn't help! Idiot. I hate those kinds of people. Its called either Sap or Sugar plants make with photosythesis.

Is there a seed inside the coconut?

The coconut itself is a seed (the complete thing). The outer husk is a flotation devise and the bit inside the hard shell is the food store (and water store) for the growing e