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What is the lowest singing voice called what?

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Bass is the name of a very low male singing voice.
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What do you call lowest female pitch voice?

Contralto, or alto for short.

What are the singing voices from lowest to highest?

From Wikipedia: "The following are the general vocal ranges associated with each voice type using scientific pitch notation where middle C=C4. Some singers within these voic

What is the high pitched singing male voice called?

Falsetto Tenor is the vocal range of a man who can sing higher than  the average man. A male soprano is a man who can sing very high  notes which usually only a woman is cap

The highest male singing voice is called a?

Countertenor is the highest male voice. They generally sing in the  falsetto register and they range between G3 to E5 or F5. This  classical male singing voice is equal to a