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What is the meaning of a condo board's right to peremptorily remove an office of the board?

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Peremptory means something definite and absolute, final and not entitled to delay or reconsideration.
By a vote of the majority of the officers of the condo board, IF THEIR DOCUMENTS ALLOW IT, they may remove one of the board members from the office they hold (i.e.: Pres/V-Pres/Secty/Treas).
However, they do not have the authority to expel a member from the board itself. That action must be initiated by the general membership who elected the member to the board, or - they may be removed from the Board due to reason of action of law (e.g.: in some(all?) jurisdictions a member may be rendered ineligible to hold office and/or removed from office due to their conviction of a felony offense).
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