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What is the meaning of a white Violet?

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The white violet means "let's take a chance on happiness."
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Which African violets have white cream pink and green leaves?

These types of African violets ane called Variegated because of their gorgeous rich leaf color from white, creams,pinks,light green,dark green, and even mosaic. Beware; varieg

Can you stop your purple African violet from turning white?

Unfortunately no you can't. This is called sporting when you plant genetically changes either it's flowers, leaf color etc. It is possible by propagating you will get some pla

A mendelian experiment consisted of breeding tall pea plants bearing violet flowers with pea plants bearing white flowers The progeny all bore violet flowers but almost half of them were short?

c) The genetic make-up of the tall parent can be depicted as TtWW  Since all the progeny bore violet flowers, it means that the  tall plant having violet flowers has WW geno

What happens when white light strikes a red opaque object. What about blue light. red light. violet light?

When white light strikes a red object, the object would appear red. The object would have reflected the red light within the white light while all other colours would have bee