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The word "erosion" comes from an old word meaning "to eat away." It is the process by which material is carried away from a location by wind or water.
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Is not a means of water erosion?

Natural springs are not a means of water erosion. Some types of  water erosion include rain, streams, rivers, and ocean waves.

What does river erosion mean?

Erosion is caused when a river turns at a meander. When the water splashes against the side of the meander. After a long long time the edge of the meander is worn away. This i

What is erosion?

Erosion is the wearing away of the surface of the earth! Erosion is the process by which soil and rock are removed from the Earth's surface by natural processes such as wind

What do you mean by soil erosion?

When the river flow through its path due to pressure of river on the bank the soil gets loosen and starts to fall is known as erosion

What does erosion do?

Erosion is when rocks or sand rub together, and over millions of years it breaks down into dust, sand, or what ever you might call it. Erosion wears away the land. The land is

What does erosion mean in geography?

Erosion is where one object is wearing away another. For example, the sea erodes the cliffs away very gradually. This is why the beaches are getting closer inland. (Only a s

What is the erosion?

Erosion occur via natural or man- made weathering. For example, Rocks (ignious) weather to form sand. Weathering is as it sounds: the process that causes erosion by Rain (acid

What does erosive energy mean?

Erosive energy means that it is eroding, wearing away, or breaking down th eearth;s surface. It takes the energy of erosive energy that makes the erding move quickly with ener

What does erosion depositation mean?

It means rock that was deposited in its current place after traveling via erosion. Ie a river sweeps through a canyon, slowly eroding away the sides. These bits of sides that

What is an erosion?

Erosion is the process of the movement of loosened materials from one place to another, and generally occurs when the material is exposed to ice, water or wind, and gravity. I