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Hay day is an old saying that means an easy day, plenty of play. It was said that a horse would rather eat hay than graze all day for the same amount of feed.
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What does hai mean?

 yes in japanese  two (number 2) in Vietnamese  shark in norwegian

Where did the phrase hay day come from?

Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary defines Heyday -- A time of maximum power, prosperity, or popularity.   "HEYDAY goes back to an Anglo-Saxon use of 'hey' as an express

What does hay mean?

hay means a word when you are txting or hanging out with ur friend i love cutie pie 659 HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i lov

Meaning of hay days?

  Hay can only be gathered when the weather is fine.   So "hay days" means good times - and is generaly used to refer to some time in the past. It usually implies tha

Is it hey day or hay day?

  Save turning pages; neither Partridge's, Brewer's nor Wordsworth reference books list the phrase. And those I've asked are split.

What does no hay mean?

it means that there are no available..   if you for example ask for chairs and they tell you "no hay" it means there are no chairs.

How do you increase your silo on Hay Day?

To increase the capacity of your silo and barn you need the proper building materials. They are as follows: the silo needs 1pack of nails, 1wooden board (not to be confused wi

How do you get pancakes in hay day?

to get pancakes in hay day you need to have a BBQ grill. To get the BBQ grill, you have to be level 9 or higher. to make the pancakes, you need brown sugar and eggs.

How do you get rid of the frogs on hay day?

Best thing to do is install a pond, and they will start all jumping  in one by one. If you want the frogs to come back on your farm,  just tap the pond a few times, and the

How do you hack hay day?

There is no way to hack hay day. But I think that xmodgames will soon make a mod for hayday.
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What is the game Hay Day about?

The game Hay Day is a facebook game which allows the user to grow and buy and sell crops in an imaginary world. It is like other facebook games where the user can either do it