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nature art
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What is art naturalism?

Art Naturalism refers to the depiction of realistic objects  in a natural setting. The Realism movement of the 19th century  advocated naturalism in reaction to the stylized

Is nature in art or is art in nature?

art is anything you can make, and you could make anything both. Nature is captured onto the canvas by the artist. Nature is a form of art within itself. i believe they should

What is nature of art?

The nature of art is a expression of nature or emotions art cantake endless forms. It is a vast wealth of inspiration. Although countless artists painted or worked withnature

Nature of arts?

nature and art is half and half not the same thing for example you can draw nature in art but nature cant turn into art i Hope you get it

What Is Art and its nature?

Art is the creative expression of a person to interpret how they  view the world or how they feel. There is not defined nature of  art. Art is expression and unique. There i

What does nature is what you know but have no art to say mean?

I am not understanding your question, do you mean this? Ok, this is your answer: Nature is not mean, it helps the earth so you do not sufficate like you would to walk into out

Is nature an art and art is a nature?

Yes to both questions. As a Christian, I firmly believe nature is God's art as are people. Art is also a nature. I'm a cultural artist. I play piano and take dance. Art is wha