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Photo interpretation is a very tricky subject, and that's just because each person has a different answer. But, all in all, the photo interpretation is just what each person gets from a photograph. It could be happy or sad feelings from a memory the photo evoked or a string of memories throughout someones life. A person really can't put a detailed strict definition to photo interpretation just because it is an interpretation. A person never really know what he or she will be getting.

But, photo interpretation as a whole is a way for someone to understand the artists reasoning behing the photo to help understand it a little better.

The above answer describes photo 'appreciation' rather than 'interpretation'. The usual meaning of Photo Interpretation is the examination of (usually aerial) photographs in order to determine as much information as possible about the subject of the photograph. For example, in the case of industrial complexes: What does it produce? What processes are involved? Where are they carried out? What is the daily output? What is the annual output? Etc.
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What role does a base map play in aerial photo interpretation?

Often, when an aerial photo is taken, as from a satellite, many surface features are obscured by vegetation and other objects. A base map can help you determine what features