What is the meaning of the American slang 'blew it'?

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the meaning of the American slang phrase "Blew it" means to really drop the ball, mess something up, or miss an opportunity.
We would use it in a sentence like...

"Mark you really blew that game."
"Man, you blew it, she really liked you."
"I totally blew that test."
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Tell you meaning of bouji in American slang?

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What does blew mean?

In police 'slang' it refers to the act of blowing into the Breathalyzer to collect a sample of your exhaled breath of alcohol analysis (i.e.- He "blew" a point one oh.")

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First used as slang in 1896 (according to the Online Etymology Dictionary), to call someone a Jasper is to call them a rustic simpleton... in other words, a hick. Example:

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