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The meaning of the name Mandy is Lovable The origin of the name Mandy is Latin Notes: Diminutive form of Amanda. Mandy Moore, singer/actress. "Mandy," song by Barry Manilow
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What does the name mandie mean?

The name Mandie is English in origin. The meaning of this name is  fit to be loved and loveable. This name is derived from the first  name Amanda.

Meaning of the word Mandy in German?

Mandy means Mandy. It is not a common name in Germany but did gain some popularity there thanks to Barry Manilow.

Scene names for mandi?

My name is also mandi. Try massacre, manslaughter,mischevious, mystery or if u dont like any of those you could search "unusual words that start with m" or maybe say creepy or

Is the name Mandy a boys name?

You can name your baby whatever you want. However Mandy is short for Amanda thus making it a girls name. To avoid ridicule for your/somebodyelses child I would suggest not nam