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What is the meaning of unruffled brow?

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unruffled brow
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What does Olive brow mean in the song tis midnight and on Olives brow?

The song is about Jesus' last night before being captures and crucified. He spent this night in the garden of Garden of Gethsemane which lies at the foot of the Mount of Olive

What does fair brow mean?

Fair Brow is a fairy tale written in Italian that was collected by  Thomas Frederick Crane. He included it in his Italian Popular  Tales.

What is a meaning of unruffled?

Something that is unruffled is in order and not disturbed or  disarranged. It can also be used to describe someone who isn't  upset or agitated but instead of calm, cool, an

What is the meaning of the homophone brows?

  brows: the part of the face above the eyes; the arch of hair above each eye; the peak of a hill   browse: look around casually and randomly, without seeking anything

What is the meaning eye brow movement?

Eyebrow movement can convey so many different emotions, just like every feature of the face. High eyebrows, a slack mouth and wide eyes conveys surprise. One quick lift of bot

What does mind browing mean?

Nothing that I've ever heard of. Do you think the person might havea speech impediment and pronounced MIND BLOWING incorrectly?Mind-blowing means something that is so awesome
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What does the word browing mean?

Browing is not a word, if this was suppose to be browsing it means to stop and survey goods, usually ones for purchase. Another meaning is to scan through written information